Discover the Benefits of Sports Massage

Discover the Benefits of Sports Massage - MallorcaWellness


Sports massage emerges as an invaluable tool for both occasional sports enthusiasts and those who engage in it more regularly, seeking to improve or maintain their physical performance.

It is distinguished by its intensity and is combined with specific stretches and compressions for the muscles involved in sports activities.

Benefits of Sports Massage

This type of massage always adapts to the individual needs of the client. The technique used varies according to the purpose of the massage: preparatory (muscle preparation before activity), recovery (muscle relaxation and relief after exercise), therapeutic (treatment of injuries), or maintenance (injury prevention and improvement of muscle tone).

Beyond maintaining an optimal physical state, sports massage operates at a psychological level, providing mental relaxation, tranquility, and serenity, which are essential for any athlete.

Revitalize Your Body and Elevate Your Level

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience designed for golfers, cyclists, and all those seeking to reach their maximum potential.

This specialized treatment relieves muscle pain, reduces recovery time, and leaves you deeply relaxed.

Surrender your muscles to the joyful sensation of revitalization and renewed energy, preparing you to face your challenges with confidence.

The Active Recovery Package includes:

  • 50-minute Sports Massage
  • Tea
  • 90-minute access to the SPA
  • Gym Use
  • Towel and locker room

At Mallorca Wellness, our commitment is to provide you with unique experiences that nurture your well-being and enhance your physical performance. Let us take care of you and take you to a new level of vitality.

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